Monday, April 8, 2013

Photo Shoot

I've not had professional portraits taken with my horn for nearly a decade, and thus the time has come for me to discontinue the use of  my senior pictures. I would hope by this point, as I think most in their late twenties do, that I've changed significantly from the high school days!  I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Zachary Van Houten, who also happens to compose and play horn. Most of the day had been rainy and horrible, so we were grateful that the sun decided to grace us with an appearance by late afternoon. 

     I always find it amusing when toting a horn case along, people find it necessary to demonstrate their knowledge of obscure objects in a stage whisper to their chums, "That's a french horn!" Well done, Julian. And it's even better when they approach you to proudly state their third cousin twice removed once played the french horn for a year in junior high. Music: ever building bridges and making friends.

In any case, here are a few pics from the afternoon out. Props to Zach for a job well done!  :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Emily Kaye Bier. I Play the Horn.

My passion is music and my niche historical performance. I love playing the natural and baroque horns. There's incredible value in live performances of the great orchestral literature of the last several hundred years. The trouble is many people don't realise how profoundly Western culture has been shaped by our musical traditions; it is my intent to help bridge that gap and help others understand and appreciate how classical music does and will continue to impact their lives, regardless of the degree of their direct involvement in the performing arts.

I've been offered postgraduate placement to study Historical Performance at the Royal College of Music in London, England beginning September 2013. Education is an expensive endeavor, but it will provide me the experience, knowledge, and networking to necessary to impact society in a meaningful way and contribute to the preservation of our musical heritage. As a performer and teacher I will be privileged to work with the rising generation to not only perpetuate musical traditions of the masters, but encourage growth, passion, and artistic progress.

I will need help to fund my education; I am not interested in a mere hand out. It is important to me to ensure that those who support me in this endeavor remain apprised of the value of their contribution to me personally as well as in a broader context. As such, I will provide a monthly e-newsletter in gratitude for support. My experiences in London and the projects in which I am involved will guide the subject matter. I intend the articles to build bridges between the world of classical music and modern day-to-day life, to illustrate and expound upon the presence that music has in our lives that we don't recognize, and the gentle and profound ways by which it enriches our culture and our souls. While the newsletter is intended to be an educational tool, I will document the details of my personal adventures and reflections on my experiences on this blog.

This is an exciting opportunity that many people could only dream of, and I am keen to embark on a couple of life changing years. But I cannot do it alone. I would be tremendously grateful for your support to fund my education, and I look forward to sharing with you my experiences and the knowledge I gain. Bring on London!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Beginning

I've started the blog. I will now proceed to spread the word and collect subscribers to my ultra-cool, insightful, and educational email blasts. Bring it, world.

Affectionately Yours,
Emily Kaye Bier